Step 1 - log into your account

To edit your study pages, you need to be logged in. Click on the "Researchers" >  "Login" button located in the top menu bar and log in using your password or University login details.

Step 2 - go to manage your study.

Once logged in, you will find yourself on your researcher dashboard. This details all your research study pages. Click "Manage" on the study you want to edit. If your study is already published and recruiting participants, you and also select View to go to your Study Page.

Step 3 - preview, edit, delete

On your Study Page dashboard, you will find all the options to manage your study - edit, publish or unpublish your study, or delete it.

Edit your study

Click "Edit study" to change any details about your Study Page.

Delete your study

If you wish to delete your study you first need to unpublish it, once you have done this you will see an additional option to delete your study.

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