After you have created your study, it is not visible to potential participants. To make it visible and start recruiting, you need to publish it.

Step 1 - go to manage your study

From your Dashboard, find the study you want to publish and click "Manage"

Step 2 - Start publishing

From the manage study menu, select "Publish study"

Step 3 - Recruitment period

On the publish pop-up, select the date range during which you will be recruiting participants. This is the period from during which participants can sign up to take part in your study.

Start date

This the date your study appears on the Browse page for people to sign up. If you set this into the future, your Study Page will not appear before that date.

End date

After this date, your study will no longer recruit participants, but we will keep it on the website in case you change your mind.

Payment or credit

If you are not covered by a Noticeboard or Group license by your university (you can check at the bottom of this page) and can't use one of their Study Page credits, you will have to purchase a Study Page license.

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And you're done!

Your Study Page is now published and is recruiting participants. If you need to change your recruitment period afterwards, see our article How do I change the recruitment dates of my study? 

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