What is Call for Participants?

Call for Participants is an open platform where scientists can list research studies and where members of the general public can take part in these studies.

How does it work?

Scientists at Universities are always doing research and sometimes they need people to take part in their research.

What is "taking part"?

Taking part can mean anything and everything from filling out an online questionnaire or giving your opinions in an interview to having your brainwaves measured in an experiment or having pancakes sent to your house (yes, we've had a study that did this).
There really isn’t a one-size-fits all solution when it comes to science and so we wrote a series of blog posts to help you get more familiar with the world of scientific research:

Part 1 - Why take part in research?

Part 2 - What is taking part in research?

Part 3 - Ethics

Part 4 - The other side

But why?

Because researchers value your time, opinions, or commitment to taking part, they often give participants (you) compensation such as cash, vouchers, or other benefits.

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