On Call for Participants, it’s easy to find interesting and relevant research that you can participate in without having to sign up.

Step 1 - the Browse page

All of the research studies are on the Browse page. To access the Browse page you can either click on ‘take part in research’ at the top of any page or in various places on the home page.

Step 2 - Quick requirements check

Hover over a study tile with your cursor (or tap once on a touch-screen device) to show the study requirements. You must normally meet all requirements to take part, unless otherwise stated by the researcher. For more details or to take part, simply click (or tap again) on the requirements box to access the full Study Page.

More options

Refine the results

The research showcase will initially show you everything that is on Call For Participants. To refine the results, simply apply the filters within the ‘Refine search’ bar above study listings and the research will update automatically.
Learn how to apply filters.

Re-order studies

You can use the drop down menu on the right to order the studies you see by most popular, most recent and trending.

View more studies

To view more research studies matching your viewing settings, just hit the “Load more” button at the bottom of the page.

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