Step 1 - go to manage your study

To promote your study, you need to first log-in and then from your Dashboard, find the study you want to publish and click "Manage"

Step 2 - access the promotional tools

On the Study Page overview, access the built-in promotional tools by clicking on the ‘Promote this study’ button located on the left.

You can only promote a study if it is published and recruiting. If you haven't published your study yet, do it before using promotion tools.

Step 3 - promote your study

Click on the tiles to share your study on your social networks, via email, or print a recruitment poster.

Using these tools is better than posting a link to your Study Page directly on the social media website because if you use the tools on this page, traffic and participants from these sources are automatically tracked on your study statistics page. This gives you a better understanding of where your participants find your Study Page and how to maximise your recruitment efforts. If you simply copy the link to your study page and paste it on to Facebook, for example, then this traffic isn't tracked.

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