Step 1 - go to manage your study

To promote your study, you need to first log-in and then from your Dashboard, find the study you want to publish and click "Manage"

Step 2 - access study statistics

On the Study Page overview, access the study statistics by clicking on the "View Study Statistics" option.

Step 3 - statistics page

On the Study Statistics page, you will find a timeline for every traffic source. Be sure to use the promotional tools to make sure traffic from those sources shows up.

There are two lines on every graph

  1. Grey lines show views - this is somebody going to your Study Page and looking at the information there
  2. Blue lines show participants - this is somebody who clicks the "Take part" button and is given your instructions on how to complete the study.


I was told I have a participant, but nobody has taken part. What do I do?

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