Use appropriate language

Participants can be easily put-off by academic language - if they do not understand what your study is about they are unlikely to take part. Avoid using long academic words like ‘ethnomethodological’ as not many people will understand these terms and you don't have space for a glossary!

Be concise and honest with your participants

Provide them with all the information they need to make an informed decision to participate. Only promote your own study - do not upload content that is not your own.

Use keywords to describe your work

This is how participants and other researchers will find and promote your study. You can add keywords to your study page, but only use words that reflect your study.

Don’t just copy and paste

Copy and pasting unnecessary information or links into your study page may deter potential participants and may confuse other researchers. Make sure the information you upload is relevant and appealing and is readable (refer to the first point).

Promote your work

It’s not enough for you to just place your study online, you need to actively promote it to relevant audiences. We’ve built some powerful promotional tools into the website to help you reach as many potential participants as possible but you need to use the share buttons for these to be activated. Each share button generates a new tracking link which activates the analytical tools we provide so that you can see how participants are finding your study page. Use this to your advantage to find out where your study page is and isn't getting noticed so you can focus your efforts in these areas.

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