To manage the members of your Group, you need to go to the Group dashboard. To do this, log in and go to the Groups section of your personal dashboard showing all the groups that you are member of. Select "Manage" when hovering on the Group tile.

You are then taken to the Group dashboard, where you can scroll down to the Members section.

Managing Group members

New group members

People can request to become a part of your Group. When this happens, you can see a tick and a cross behind the member.

Click the tick icon to accept the user to your Group or click the X to decline.

Promoting members to be admin

Once a user is a member of your Group, you can make them an administrator. This gives them the same rights as you have. To do this, click the dark user icon behind the member's name.

Demoting admins to normal members

Group admins can also be demoted back to normal member status. To do this, simply click the blue user icon behind an administrator's name.

Different members

A Group can be have a few different type of members. It is important to know the difference.

Pending users

There are two types of pending members: 

1 - Users who have requested to be part of your Group and have not yet been confirmed by you, and 

2 - Users who you have invited to be part of the group, but have not yet accepted your invite

  • Pending members' Study Pages don't appear on your Group Page
  • Pending members can't use your Study Page credits


  • Can access Study Page credits
  • Their Study Pages show your Group's logos
  • Their Study Pages are either automatically added to your Group page, or are submitted to your approval, if you have chosen to moderate your Group page content (see more about this here)
  • Members are identified by a dark icon:


  • Admins can approve/decline new members and their Study Pages
  • Admins can make other members become admins
  • Admins can make any admin, including themselves a normal member
  • Admins can edit the Group, its information, cover image, logos, and settings
  • Admins can add new members to the Group
  • Admins are identified by a blue icon:

Removing people from your Group

If you want to remove a user from the group, simply click the X next to their name on in the members section of your group.

Any member except for the Group's creator can be removed. If you wish to transfer the group's creator and billing role to somebody else, this request needs to be made to the CfP team via email on 

Adding people to your Group

To add people to your group, you can either copy an invite link, or insert their email address into the invite field.

if you add their email to the invite field:

  • They are automatically added to the group if their email is already registered as a user on Call for Participants. This is the easiest and fastest way to include somebody and their studies into your group.
  • If they aren't a user, a tailored invite email is sent to them inviting them to join the platform.
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