Step 1 - Go to Group dashboard

Use the Researcher Login button at the top of the home page to login.

Once logged in, go to the Groups section of your personal dashboard showing all the groups that you are member of. Select "Manage" when hovering on the Group tile. If this option is not available to you, then you are not an administrator for the group and you don't have the rights to manage the Group.

Step 2 - Group dashboard

The Group dashboard shows all the relevant data and controls for your Group. Here you can edit or delete your study and can view all Group content, as well as subscription information.

Edit Group

Click "Edit Group details" to change any information about your Group including cover photo and logos.

Group Statistics

The Group statistics pane shows you key information about your Group, including:

  • How many times research from your group has been viewed
  • How many Study Page credits are remaining under your current subscription
  • Your subscription expiry date

Hover on the tiles to view more detailed information.

Click "Show me more" to see more data on your group usage as well as where the participants taking part in your group's research are coming from.

Group Studies

This section lists all studies that are associated with your Group. These are Study Pages that your members have created.

If you have selected to moderate which of the members' Study Pages are shown in your group (see Group creation), pending studies are also shown here. Click on the tick to next to any study you want to approve or alternatively click the cross to prevent it being shown on your Group page.

Click the cross behind already approved studies to remove them from your Group page.

Group Members

The Group members section shows you all Call for Participants users who have been added to your group. These people have access to the Study Page credits under your Group license. To prevent somebody from using your Group's credits, you simply need to remove their membership. See more under Member management.

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