These instructions are for creating a group under an academic Group license. For info on how to create a group as a commercial company, please go here.

Step 1

Click on the group creation button located in your researcher dashboard or via the Group's product page.

Your dashboard

Groups product page

Step 2

Follow the onscreen guidance and add information about your group.


Use the tooltips in the blue boxes for guidance and best practice.

Step 3 - how Study Pages are added to your Group

You can choose to moderate all studies being added to the group or have all studies from members automatically added to the group. This can be updated later by editing the group page.


If you have chosen to moderate new Study Pages and a member of your Group creates a new Study Page, it will show up on your Group dashboard. You can click on the tick next to the pending study to add this to your Group Page or click the cross to exclude this Study Page from your Group page.


If you want to keep things simple, select the automated option and every Study Page that your Group members create are automatically added to your Group Page as soon as the member publishes them.

Step 4 - Group visibility

Use these options to decide if you want your Group to be visible to everyone on the Call for Participants platform or only to the Group members.

Step 5 - Save your changes

Click "Proceed". At this point, your group is saved on our system and if you are a new user, we require you to create an account.

Step 6 - Purchase a license

Your group exists, but it doesn't appear anywhere on the CfP site and your members don't have access to Study Page credits yet. For this, you need to purchase a Group license. Once this is done, your Group's functionality is automatically unlocked.

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