We are a bit different from a classical recruitment company, in that we don't go out in person and actively recruit people. We offer an open platform where people can browse studies that are currently recruiting participants and choose to participate in what they want. What this means is that we can't guarantee that you will get all the people you need, however, the people who do self-select into your study, really want to take part, which is great!

Because of this and a firm stance on data protection that we take regarding all our users' data, it is difficult for us to comment on any demographic relevant to any study or how likely you are to attain it. We have had studies go viral among audiences that have previously not been represented on our site in large numbers, meaning that existing usage is not a complete measure of sample attainability.

Key things to remember

  1. Use the requirements section on your Study Page to detail exactly the eligibility criteria for people to be able to take part
  2. Use the built-in promotion features yourself to jump-start your recruitment.
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